Senior Safety and Health Tips

Greetings  Senior Safety and Health Tips (SSHT) is a monthly note of 2 to 4 pages. Will be available each month at both exits of the church. It is being provided by the members of the Senior Advocacy Committee of Nativity.  It's purpose is to place before the seniors and their health-care providers some useful information in the form of "tips".  Over the years we will cover many topics. If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact:                    
Mission  Statement
Senior Advocacy Committee (SAC)

The Senior Advocacy Committee (SAC) of Nativity Church will provide activities and information for, as well as by, the senior members of the Parish. The Committee's concern is both the spiritual and physical health of these parishioners.
Activities may include, but not be limited to,  such actions as visiting the sick, taking communion to the sick, assistance for doctor's appointments and shopping, special retreat and days of recollection specifically geared for seniors, and providing information that concerns their safety and health.

* Some of these activities are currently being carried out by parishioners. It is the intent of SAC that they not be replaced by this committee, but to create a linkage to avoid duplication and make the best use of resources

Nativity Parish
Senior Advocacy Committee (SAC)

Theresa McNair,
Lee Audrey Hobb
Ruth Foster
Rita Matory    
Ann Peterson
Florence Radcliff
James Reynolds
Virginia Sloyan

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Senior Safety and Health Tips
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Driver Safety Program 
Balance Problems                                
Be Safe At Home   
Alzheimer's Disease (AD)   
Osteoporosis a Bone Disease     

Causes of Depression    

Hearing Loss    

Cold Weather Safety    

Exercise For Seniors     
Exercise For Seniors (Continued)*   
Herbal Supplements                            
Diabetes: A Disease You Can Manage 
Diabetes: – Part 2 A Seniors Disease

Hot Weather Alert                                
Spiritual Health                                     
Fire Safety for Older Adults