The Sacrament of Reconciliation
Is offered, for your convenience, before each Mass on weekends.

Communion Calls
Please notify the Rectory for any needed communion calls for hospitalized or shut-in parishioners.  Long-term illness scheduling is also available.

The Priest will be more than happy to provide the Sacrament of the Sick, please notify the Rectory in advance.

Formation for this blessed event begins 1 month prior to the desired date.  Preparation classes for the Sacrament of Baptism are offered on 1st Friday of each month, at 7p.m. in the rectory basement.  At least one parent and one godparent (if not both) must attend.  Baptisms are celebrated at the 10 a.m. mass on the last Sunday each month. Please contact the Rectory for more information and

Formation for this blessed event begins 6 months in advanced of the desired date.  Either the bride or groom must be registered, active member of Nativity;  Please call the Rectory for more information scheduling.

Liturgy Reservations/Dedications
If you would like to have a mass dedicated, please call the Rectory.  Masses fill up quickly and advanced reservation should be made.

     The Senior Advocacy Committee The Senior Advocacy Committee of Nativity Parish  provides information and activities for the Senior Nativity members of the Parish.  The Committee’s concern is the Spiritual and Physical Health of these Parishioners.   
    Breast Cancer Support Group offer fellowship, education about treatment options, coping skills and offer better communication with health professionals in a positive encouraging and supportive environment.  For additional information call Pat Edwards RN,
at 202-269-7543.

   Liturgy of the Word for Children (LWC) – The Liturgy of the Word for Children leaders are looking for more volunteers to assist at the 10 AM mass on Sundays.  LWC involves engaging young children in discussion about the Sunday readings and our Creed, and contributing to their own heartfelt prayers of intercession.  LWC also provides parents of young children with an opportunity to hear the Sunday readings “upstairs” and without distraction.  We try to have 2 adults each Sunday.  Won’t you consider helping?  Please contact Maria Carmona 301-608-3871 to volunteer.

    Miriam’s House Has Rooms and a Program Available for DC’s Homeless Women Living With HIV/AIDS.  For information regarding basic intake requirements visit  For Social Workers and Case Managers contact Juliana Bateman, Intake Coordinator, 202/667-1758 X109 or Steve Kiosk, Social Services Director, 202/667-1758 X117, Email

    Hurting After Abortion?  Do you feel like God could never forgive you?  You are invited to attend a support group to find peace in your life.  Project Rachel sponsored by the Archdiocese of Washington is hosting a support group for women and men who have unresolved feelings about their abortion experience.   For information including location, call or email Julia Shelava 202/269-4673 X 15 or 301/982-2008 Xl5

Single Men are you called to be a monk, brother, or priest?  Find out by attending an exciting free Live in Experience, no cost, food and room are free.  For locations, dates and info. call 1-800-221-1807.

Single Women are you called to be a nun or sister?  Find out by attending an exciting free Live in Experience, no cost, food and room are free.  For locations, dates and info. call 1-800-221-1807.

       The Social Outreach Committee is looking for some new and additional members.  Why not join?  Remember Jesus’ words – “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, that you do unto me!”  Contact Andre at 301-796-1545.

                                 The Advent Catechetical Corner

    (The following thoughts could be shared and discussed in households, especially by parents or              grandparents with children and grandchildren.)

    •VOCATION – comes from the Latin word, vocare, which means « to call. » 

    •Catholic Christians believe that EVERY one of the baptized has a special                                              vocation from God.

    •One of our most important tasks in life is to discover what our vocation is, and to                                  embrace it with all our heart.

Two questions that can help people of any age be more aware of what God may be asking of them       are these :

     1.As you look at the world around you, what are the most serious problems or                                          greatest  needs that you see ?

     2.       What gifts do you see in yourself (or in your children, your parents, your                                                brothers and sisters) that could be used to address some of these problems or needs ?

A Vocation Prayer

Heavenly Father,
We believe you have called each of us who has been baptized into Jesus your Son,
To work with him to do good in your world.
Help us to be more aware of the needs of people around us,
And more aware of our own gifts and talents.
May we always use the gifts you have given us to serve the needs of others,
And to make of our world a better place.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.